Rohit Sharma


Pain, sometimes, is like Love . . .
It grows, until it becomes your Life.

Major Virat Singh Rajput was once a fearless Black Cat commando who had saved Mumbai from its venomous perpetrators. His life took a beautiful turn when he got engaged to Pratishtha Sachdev, the girl he had selflessly loved for the last fourteen years.
Everything was blissful, until one day Pratishtha mysteriously went missing. Virat, who was hailed as India's hero, has now become a villain, and is facing a certain death penalty.
Only one woman can save him.
 Criminal Defence Lawyer Vaishnavi Pandit has not won her first six cases. 
She is adamant to win her seventh. 
But, still, no one knows where Pratishtha is. 
No one still knows what the motive behind Virat’s crime was. 

The odds are heavily against Vaishnavi. 

Let’s unfold together a deeply romantic and nail-biting story about true love, excruciating pain and lurid vengeance – a thrilling story about love and honesty, hatred and deceit, friendship and animosity, dark truths and hidden motives.


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