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It was an amazingly nice feeling to have read this great work of yours (12 HOURS) , not that I haven't read good books earlier, but this one I loved the most, because not only this kept me glued with the never ending surprises but also discussed the very serious issues of this current century in a beautiful Manner ! I found each and every chapter very convincing , one who loves reading shall complete this book in less than 12 hours. Majorly what I loved was every chapter covered something related to today's youth, what happens in the surrounding and gets neglected has been highlighted in the various portions of your book !
I recommend all to read it once , and it won't take much time for you to get totally addicted to it ! Looking forward to your next work ! Keep writing ! May your words keep doing magic, like it did to me ;) - Shivani Sharma (Chennai)

Just finished with the book, don no where to start from.. First of all a huge note of thanks for thinking n creating a wonderful journey of Aryan n Isabella, the beautiful countryside, cities, food and each n every detailed emotions.. It is not just a love story but a projection of love, trust, friendship, bonding, family n most of all the being a good human.. I must say only a good human can create such a loving character of Aryan. N u r da one.. I would definitely reread the book n this story won't fade from my heart.. Thanks for having da courage to write something good in taste that make sense... Really appreciate ur work dear.. Wish u best in ur life.. N waiting for ur next publish... P.S Every girl would dream of a partner like Aryan, a good human.. **the poems n songs worked as cherry on top.. Sudeshna Dutta (Kolkata)

Te Amo... I love you., Its a beautiful love story. Loved it.. Its a rollercoaster ride. The characters ,the narration is so beautiful that i was able to imagine the story infront of me.. Its a complete movie material.. Wish to c it in movie soon. It made me cry sometimes sometimes smile .. The thrill made me glued to the book whole night as i could not stop before finishing it...Simply go for this book guys. Sharmistha Sardar (Mumbai)

Hello Sir, I am Palak. I live in Chandigarh. I am writing this mail to tell you that your book 'Te Amo... I LOVE YOU' is AMAZING. I am a passive reader. I like reading Romantic novels. I came across so many novels but this was an exception, sir. While reading every word of it, I had set up an imaginary world in my mind. I was imagining everything that was going on in your book. I have never read such a book. It is a marvellous work by you. It may sound weird, but I cried a lot. This is the best book I have read. This story is very different from others. Completely different! I pray this book turns out to be a Bollywood Movie. There were many messages conveyed by you that believe in Love, believe in your partner, believe in moving on. Thank you so much for writing this book. Thank you seriously so very much! Palak Jain  (Chandigarh)

Hi mi amigo Rohit... 😊 I have completed the novel long back as you are aware!! I was numb for few minutes.The book was as mentioned by many of ur fans is like a bollywood movie however the image of Isbie and Aryan has now stuck in my mind some where deep down.I am so glad that I got the chance to be a part of the journey..and I wonder if "love" exist in reality in the same way.. you joted down in the story.I know .. I know.. the most silly question.. but stories and reading novels are all about day dreaming again and again and again and imagining beyond reality.. isn't it!! There's a huge smile at the moment in my face.. can't explain how much happy and satisfied I am feeling after reading the book..!! I learnt a lot of Spanish words...noted down few in my notebook as well.. so as to remember them and cherish the feeling I am having on reading this book on future.Yes.. I enjoyed the thriller and was excited everytime I left the story and had to get back to work.. thinking what can happen next now..Yes.. it beyond that.. thanks for such a precious gift of giving the book to me.!! I will never forget this amazingggg feeling and ofcourse.. come up soon with your next novel. Wishing you many more successful years ahead!! Gracious 😊😊 - Mousumi Sheel (New Delhi)

Well scripted love tale. The romance is Felt. The pain is endured by the reader. Inspiring. Hear Touching and pulling at the strings of our emotional chords. Gem of a creation by Rohit Sharma. Thanks a lot. Garmia   (Mumbai)

Hi Sir, Hope you are doing good. I'm Lekha madhumitha from Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. I became a big fan of your by reading your "Te Amo I Love You". Wow sir, what a love story I cried in many pages. It makes me to realize the true love between Aryan and Isabella and it touch my heart. I cursed Ethan in many pages I involved in the book and lived in that book. It's so touching I finish the book in 2 days . That book inspired me and make me to read your next book "12 hours" yesterday I bought the book and I finished half of the book each story wow it's simply awesome I m  sending this email by stop reading the book because I couldn't wait  no long to talk with you. Now I became a big big fan of yours. please keep writing , I m eagerly waiting for your next book. And convey my regards to Ms. Mahi singla. With Regards - Lekha Madhumitha (Coimbatore)

I am a doctor. Yesterday I brought your book "Te amo...I Love You" from a book fair. Though I was not sure how much time it would take me to complete the book, am writing this mail to you, I have already finished reading that novel. Accept my compliments for a good writing work you have done. In this world, full of materialism it’s hard to find such "unconditioned, intense" love for your partner. But as you have depicted the characters and their emotions... Though it’s a fiction it seems so realistic. All my best wishes for your upcoming writing work/works. – Amrita Singhal (Gwalior)

Day before yesterday I completed reading Te Amo......and i found it soooooooooooo romantic that I couldn’t stop myself mailing u. I am married by last 10 years with my school classmate but only after crossing many hurdles, As time passed I found the love that bring us together was missing but after reading your book I am in love once again and I will try my level best to keep the warmth till my last breath. Thanks a lot for writing such a nice book, it was truly for me a happy reading. Waiting for ur further titles. BEST OF LUCK. – Abhilasha Nandwana (Chandigarh)

Dear Rohit ji Namaste. Recently I read your book 12 Hours. It’s very interesting book for me. All the stories are nice but I am very much impressed and centered for two stories - A terrible Mistake and A picture perfect family. I hope in near future I will get chance to read another book like this. - Krishna Kandel (Kathmandu) 

Read this book today. so much intense moments .. true love n second chance love theme I really loved this . I can't put exact words but u r a great writer Mr. Sharma - Jayalekshmi Jayachandran Pillai (Hassan, Karnataka) 

Hello, Mr. Rohit Sharma my name is Almiran Sultana I am from Assam I purchased a book that u have written Te Amo I Love You. It was awesome. I purchased it yesterday, and finished it today, and as soon as I finished, I thought of emailing you. I want to thank you for writing such a marvelous book. I want to know if it is your real story or not? Waiting for your reply - Almiran Sultana (Assam)

I am not a great fan of short stories and I was a little skeptical before starting this. But this one was irresistible. I finished the entire book in one sitting. Very well written stories, which are very interesting and touches all the emotions. It will appeal to readers of all the age. - Rachit Raj (United States)

12 hours is not a book it’s a blend of emotions. The day I started reading this book, I felt so deeply connected with it, that the stories became a part of my life too. Each story left a deep impact on me. – Nibha Khanna (Amritsar)

12 HOURS is A very beautifully written Anthology. As a reader you will feel all the emotions clubbed together in one book. While reading this book. I cried, I laughed, I loved each and every moment and I too smiled with some of the stories. Very beautiful imagination. A must read book. Good Job done by the Authors. – Himani Gupta (New Delhi)

12 HOURS has the best stories I have read in any anthology. All emotions well put. My favorite ones will be the 1st,2nd(it will be my all-time favorite) ,5th ,6th . Whenever I see an index I usually checkup how much is still pending to get the book completed but the fact was I didn't bother to check it except when i was writing this review. Awaiting more such fab anthologies and duo of Rohit and Mahi. – Ammu Nair (Mumbai)

Rohit I am almost done with Te Amo and honestly I do not want to finish it. It is a great book I absolutely love it. – Vivien Lee Gonzalez (United States)

As Bacon said "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested" I found 12 Hours from some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention. Its just awesome book. From its cover to synopsis, its each and every story has some teaching. They keeps us connected as its characters give us the feeling that they belong to us. – Seema Saxena (New Delhi)

Just finished reading '12 HOURS'. Liked and enjoyed each and every single story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such beautiful stories. Authors like you keep up the habit of readers keep reading more and more books. – Sushmita Basu (Nagpur)

Te Amo I love you, Engages you throughout the read. It is a perfect mix of romance, passion, and action. The writing style is lucid and easy to understand, yet powerful in conveying the message. The love scenes are very aesthetically written and bring out the right emotions. Once you hard reading this book, it gets on to you and it’s hard to let go. Reading it at one go is so easy because it engages you at every instance. It’s an ideal Sunday read or a travel companion on a train of a flight. – Ishan Arora (New Delhi)

People often say that a story is well depicted in a movie because we can visualize it. But, i can truly visualize each and every scene of Te Amo in my mind. The only difference was that the experience of reading this novel was better than watching a movie. From the starting to the end, there was not even a single instance where the story turned boring. The Spain culture is well described in this book. The description of all the characters was also very good. there were some scenes where i couldn't control the flow of tears. It was just AMAZING – Nimisha Grover (New Delhi)

Te amo..... I LOVE YOU is the novel whose each chapter touches your heart... whose each chapter makes u more curious to read what happen next.... it makes u smile also.... it makes u cry also sometimes... it is not a book only it is a story of true lovers.... who r separated by body only nt by souls... – Stuti Agarwal (Bangalore)

heart touching story!! and perfectly moves like movie... love of Aryan and Isabella still lingers in memories...the book is filled with love, hate,joy,tears,thriller,sacrifice,revenge. Rohit Sharma has perfectly portrayed each and everything!! they are totally exquisite lovers <3 <3 te amo....i love you leaves a smile in lips and a drop of tears in eyes whenever i think of it!! – Manjari Crisell (Trichy)

Te amo, a love story of Indian and a Spanish girl is well written and explained well. The characters part is done well with clear plot. The language is fresh and Rohit's research is reflected with the each word we read. The love between Aryan and Isabella is intriguing and irks all the readers. Especially the cover of the book makes everyone to buy it. ha a good time reading it. – Abhinand 

A perfect love story! Rohit Sharma has done an extraordinary job on his debut novel. A must read. – Arun Sathiya (Madurai)

While reading Te Amo.tears automatically rolled down from my eyes...even after I completed reading the novel tears couldn't stop coming from my eyes. An awesome love story...never read a love story like this..this one's gonna be my fav book for my whole life..n I'm never gonna forget any line of this book..I must say a very amazing debut novel sir – Hema (Vishakapatnam) 

I just finished reading your book ....and wanted to compliment for exceptionally fantastic storyline...lucidity of presentation and awesome characterization...and not to forget nice panorama of Spanish perks. – Jyoti Patel (Surat)

I have just finished your novel Te amo I love you. And seriously never ever have I read such type of heart touching story. It is so touching that I've read it 3 or 4 times ... and every time it made me cry. Outstanding work. Expecting more novels... And now you are seriously admired by me .. how you just wrote a story telling about so much deep feelings .. that are felt by a person in love ... seriously you friends and family and obviously if there is anyone who you love will be so lucky. Its outstanding. Thank you for making us adore the feeling of love !! Hatsoff dude !! One of your biggest fans. - Isha Verma (Hisar)

Hello Rohit, I am Krati. I haven’t written a mail to any author be4 so i have no idea how to start.. N be4 ur book i haven’t read any Indian author's book also with so keen interest as they didn’t attract me much… I read chetan bhagat once. But it didn’t draw me 2wards his other books much… I read ur book Te Amo - I Love You n i really loved it.. It was just like a full on Bollywood love story in Hollywood style… Keep up the good work n will be looking forward to see more of it – Krati Parmar (Lucknow)

I just finished reading your book 12 hours, and I must congratulate you on your fabulous work. I mostly am a thriller fan but short stories work for me once in a while.. all your stories are extremely engrossing with perfect descriptive emotions. My personal favourites have been I AM LEAVING YOU as it somewhat relates 2 my life.. and HE LOST HIMSELF THAT DAY.. as this one focuses on the men who should realize it could be their sisters as well.. Once again congratulations and all the best for all your endeavors in the future. – Dr. Swati George 

The stories are very beautifully written. Each of them contains a message too. The stories have something you can easily connect to and feel the substance. Loved reading it. – Ahmed Mursil Ansari

Te Amo grabbed my attention right away & held it the very last page. The story is unique and has a wonderful flow and momentum that kept me revited.I couldn't wait to see what happen next.The romantic elements between Aryan and Isabella are really sweet.Spanish culture is beautifully portrayed. All characters are well written , each with unique personality.The author Rohit sharma has a fantastic abiltiy to weave tales & i hope to read many more of his books soon.The best romantic thriller that will touch your heart. I highly recommend this book, a must read..:) Loved it - Upasna Singh (Patna)
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