Rohit Sharma

12 Hours - An Anthology of 12 Beautiful Stories

  Every hour of our life scripts a new story. And, every story is colored with a different feeling - Love, Pain, Joy, Sorrow, Trust, Deceit, Excitement, Repentance, Respect, Humiliation, Loneliness and Anger.

    We all have been a part of these intense emotions, which our heart experiences. We grow among them, feeling them, living them every minute, every hour, and our life is incomplete without them. 

    12 HOURS is a collection of twelve engrossing and beautifully written stories, which express different emotions and pour out the essence of different relationships. Some stories will make you laugh, while some will shed your tears. Some stories will spread a lesson, while some will electrify your spine. Some stories will make you fall in love, while some will motivate you to succeed. Each story will try to touch one or the other emotion that is nested inside us.

    In a nutshell, every hour of 12 HOURS will take you on a completely different journey by putting you amid the intriguing lives of the various characters, the characters that look very much real like all of us, the characters that belong to one or the other hour of our life.

“Different emotions expressed beautifully.” – Times Of India

‘Almost everyone can relate to one or the other story of 12 HOURS.” – Prabhat Khabar

“Innovative cover and well-written stories revolving around various social issues . . . One word – Brilliant.” –

Dainik Jagran

“Sensitive, Realistic and Well-written . . . 12 HOURS is a perfect blend of love, laughter, and pain.” – 

Sanjay Chauhan [Script Writer of ‘Paan Singh Tomar’]

"Realistic, relatable and thought provoking. Stories that deserve to be adapted for the big screen." - 

Ruslaan Mumtaz (Bollywood Film and Television Actor) 

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